Setting fonts

font = (size, fontname, color)

A text font is composed of three parts: 1) a size; 2) a fontname; 3) the font color. The size may be a scalar, a string with the units appended or a tuple with (size, units). The fontname is a string or symbol with the font name. e.g "Helvetica". See here for the available font names. The color is a color element, See Setting color

Both fontname and color are optional. So a font=10 is a valid setting, meaning a default font of size 10 points. It's also valid to provide a all font parametrs in a string using the compact GMT syntax. The GMT docs has further details on this option.


  • font="24p"

  • font=("14p",:red)

  • font=(12, :Helvetica, (30,20,180))

  • font="12p,Helvetica-Bold,red"