cl = coastlinesproj(proj="?", res="crude", coastlines=nothing)

Extract the coastlines from GMT's GSHHG database and project them using PROJ (NOT the GMT projection machinery). This allows the use of many of the PROJ projections that are not available from pure GMT.

  • proj: A proj4 string describing the projection (Mandatory).

  • res: The GSHHG coastline resolution. Available options are: crude, low, intermediate, high and full

  • coastlines: In alternative to the res option, one may pass a GMTdataset with coastlines previously loaded (with gmtread) from another source.

  • limits: If not empty it must be a 2 elements array with lonmin, lonmax that is used to ask for coastlines that expand more than 360 degrees (worldrectangular uses this).


A Vector of GMTdataset containing the projected (or not) world GSHHG coastlines at resolution res.


using GMT
cl = coastlinesproj(proj="+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=moll +o_lon_p=40 +o_lat_p=50 +lon_0=60");

See Also

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