C = cpt4dcw(codes::String, vals::Vector{<:Real}; kwargs...) --> \myreflink{GMTcpt}

Create a categorical CPT to use with the output of coast(dcw=...) to make Choropleth maps.

  • codes is a comma separated string with two chars country codes (ex: "PT,ES,FR,IT")

  • vals a vector with same size as country codes, with the values used to colorize the countries.

Optionally provide a CPT in the kwarg cmap=CPT with a range sufficient to transform the vals in colors. As an alternative to the above, provide a makecpt type range numeric vector to create a CPT. If none of these are provided a default CPT = makecpt(range=(0,255,1)) will be used.


A GMTcpt color map.


using GMT

C = cpt4dcw("PT,ES,FR", [3., 5, 8], range=[3,9,1])

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