logo(cmd0::String=""; kwargs...)

Plots the GMT logo on a map. By default, the GMT logo is 5 cm wide and 2.5 cm high and will be positioned relative to the current plot origin. Use various options to change this and to place a transparent or opaque rectangular map panel behind the GMT logo.


  • pos | position | D: Sets reference point on the map for the image using one of four coordinate systems.

  • box | F: Without further options, draws a rectangular border around the GMT logo using MAP_FRAME_PEN. or map rose (T)

  • julia: Create the Julia instead of the GMT logo. Provide circle diameter in centimeters

  • GMTjulia: Create the GMT Julia GMT logo. Provide circle diameter in centimeters

  • kwargs: keyword/arguments pairs as in plot module


Make a GMT Julia logo with circles of 1 cm.

using GMT

logo(GMTjulia=1, show=true)

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