plotgrid!(GI, grid; annot=true, sides="WESN", fmt="", figname="", show=false)

Plot grid lines on top of an image created with the worldrectangular function.

  • grid: A vector of GMTdatset with meridians and parallels to be plotted. This is normaly produced by the graticules or worldrectgrid functions.

  • annot: Wether to plot coordinate annotations or not (annot=false).

  • sides: Which sides of plot to annotate. W or L means annotate the left side and so on for any combination of "WESNLRBT". To not annotate a particular side just omit that character. e.g. sides="WS" will annotate only the left and bottom axes.

  • figname: To create a figure in local directory and with a name figname. If figname has an extension that is used to select the fig format. e.g. figname="fig.pdf" creates a PDF file localy called 'fig.pdf'

  • fmt: Create the raster figure in format format. Default is fmt=:png. To get it in PDF do fmt=:pdf

  • show: If true, finish and display the figure.

See Also

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