plotlinefit(D::GMTdataset, kwargs...)

Plot the line fit of the points in the D GMTdataset type including confidence intervals and error ellipses. The D input is the result of having run your data through the linearfitxy function. See its docs for the meaning of the parameters mentioned below.

  • band_ab or ribbon_ab: Plot a band, (a±σa) + (b±σb), around the fitted line. band_ab=true uses the default lightblue color. Use band_ab=*color* to paint it with a color of your choice (this color may include transparency)

  • band_ci or ribbon_ci: Plot a band, (a±σa95) + (b±σb95), with the 95% (or other Confidence Interval). band_ci=true uses the default tomato color. Use band_ci=*color* to paint it with a color of your choice (transparency included).

  • ellipses: optionaly plot error ellipses when the σX, σY errors are known.

  • legend: By default we do not plot the legend boxes with line fit info. Set legend=true to plot them. For the time being the legend locations are determine automaticaly and can't be manually controlled.

Other than the above options you can use most of the plot options that control line and marker symbol.


plotlinefit(D, band_ab=true, band_ci=true, legend=true, show=1)

See Also

linearfitxy, plot