theme(name; kwrgs...)

Offer themes support. name is the theme name. So far the three options are:

  • modern: - This is the default theme (same as GMT modern theme but with thinner FRAME_PEN [0.75p])

  • classic: - The GMT classic theme

  • dark: - A modern theme variation with dark background.

  • A0|2[XY|XX|YY][atg][ag][g][H][V][NT|nt][ITit][Graph][Dark] Make a composition of these to select a theme. The main condition is that it starts with an A (Annotate). Hence A2 means annotate two axis and A0 means no axes at all. XY means to plot only left and bottom axes, YY only left and right and XX bottom and top. atg (or afg) means annotate, tick and grid lines. ag does not tick. H and V means grid lines will only be horizontal or vertical. Note, these require atg or ag. NT stands for no ticks at all and IT plots the ticks inside the axes. Graph adds a vector to the end of each axis (sets XY), and Dark put the background in dark mode.

    • Example: A2YYg -> plot left and right axes (only) and add grid lines.

    • Example: A2Graph -> plot left and right axes (only) and adds arrows at the end of them

On top of the modern mode variations (so far dark only) one can set the following kwargs options:

  • noticks or no_ticks: Axes will have annotations but no tick marks

  • inner_ticks or innerticks: - Ticks will be drawn inside the axes instead of outside.

  • gray_grid or graygrid: - When drawing grid line use gray instead of black

  • save: - Save the name in the directory printed by GMT.GMTuserdir[1] and make it permanent.

  • reset: - Remove the saved theme name and return to the default modern theme.

Note: Except save and reset, the changes operated by the kwargs are temporary and operate only until an image is show(n) or saved.

This function can be called alone, e.g. theme("dark") or as an option in the plot module.