angles, ind = vecangles(lonlat0::VecOrMat{Real}, lonlat1::Matrix{Real}; proj::String="",
                        s_srs::String="", epsg::Integer=0, sorted=true)

Computes the angles between lines taken from the central point lonlat0 and those passed in the Mx2 matrix lonlat1.


  • lonlat1: - coordinates of point 1 in the given projection (or a matrix with several points).

  • lonlat2: - coordinates of point 2 in the given projection (or a matrix with same size as lonlat1).

  • proj or s_srs: - the given projection whose ellipsoid we move along. Can be a proj4 string or an WKT.

  • epsg: - Alternative way of specifying the projection [Default is WGS84].

  • sorted: - By default we sort the lines azimuth so that the angles refer to contiguous line. If sorted is set to false we compute the angles in the order of points as given in lonlat2.


  • angles - A Float64 vector with the angles between center and points determined by the arguments plus the angle betwen the lines from center to first and from center to last point.

  • ind - A vector of Int with the order obtained by sorting the lines azimuths (when sorted=true). Apply it to lonlat2[ind,:] to get the point distribution order in the same way as angles. Neddless, ofc, if sorted=false.