cl = worldrectcoast(proj="?", res="crude", coastlines=nothing, limits=Float64[])

Return a project coastline, at res resolution, suitable to overlain in a grid created with the worldrectangular function. Note that this function, contrary to coastlinesproj, returns coastline data that spans > 360 degrees.

  • proj: A proj4 string describing the projection (Mandatory).

  • res: The GSHHG coastline resolution. Available options are: crude, low, intermediate, high and full

  • coastlines: In alternative to the res option, one may pass a GMTdataset with coastlines previously loaded (with gmtread) from another source.

  • limits: If not empty it must be a 2 elements array with lonmin, lonmax that is used to ask for coastlines that expand more than 360 degrees (worldrectangular uses this).


A Vector of GMTdataset containing the projected world GSHHG coastlines at resolution res.

See Also

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