xyzw2cube(fname::AbstractString; datatype::DataType=Float32, proj4::String="", wkt::String="",
	        epsg::Int=0, tit::String="", names::Vector{String}=String[])

keywords: GMT, Julia, grid cube

Convert data table containing a cube into a GMTgrid cube. The input data must contain a completelly filled 3D matrix and the data layout is guessed from file analysis (if it fails ... bad luck).

  • fname: The filename of the cube in text format

  • datatype: The data type where the data will be stored. The default is Float32.

  • tit: A title string to describe this cube.

  • proj4: A proj4 string for dataset SRS.

  • wkt: Projection given as a WKT SRS.

  • epsg: Same as proj but using an EPSG code

  • names: used to give a description for each layer (also saved to file when using a GDAL function).


A GMTgrid cube object.

See Also

cubeplot, slicecube, stackgrids