triplot(in::Matrix; onlyedges::Bool=false, noplot::Bool=false, kw...)

Plots the 2-D triangulation or Voronoi polygons defined by the points in a matrix

  • in: The input data. Can be either a Mx2 or Mx3 matrix.

  • noplot: Return the computed Delaunay or Veronoi data instead of plotting it (the default).

  • onlyedges: By default we compute Delaunay tringles or Veronoi cells as polygons. Use this option as onlyedges=true to compute multiple line segments.

  • region: Sets the data region (xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax) for voronoi (required). If not provided we compute it from in.

  • voronoi: Compute Voronoi cells instead of Delaunay triangles (requires region).

  • kw...: keyword arguments used in the $plot$ module (ignore if noplot=true).


A GMTdataset if noplot=true or $nothing$ otherwise.


triplot(rand(5,2), voronoi=true, show=true)

triplot(rand(5,3), lc=:red, show=true)

Delaunay triangulation

using GMT
triplot(rand(10,3), lc=:red, title="Delaunay", show=true)