imshow(arg1; kw...)


viz(arg1; kw...)

keywords: GMT, Julia, automatic visualization

The second form shown above means that viz is an alias of imshow.

imshow, or viz, is a front end to the grdimage, grdview, plot and plot3 programs that accepts GMTgrid, GMTimage, GMTdataset as well as plain matrices or strings with file names of grids or images. The normal options of the grdimage and grdview programs also apply here but some clever guessing of suitable necessary parameters is done if they are not provided. Contrary to other image producing modules the "show' keyword is not necessary to display the image. Here it is set by default. If user wants to use imshow to create layers of a more complex fig he can use show=false for the intermediate layers.

This module uses an internal logic to decide whether use grdimage, grdview or plot. Namely, when the view option is used grdview is choosed and a default vertical scale is assigned. However, sometimes we want a rotated plot, optionally tilted, but not 3D view. In that case use the option flat=true, which forces the use of grdimage.

The kw keyword/values are used to pass options to grdimage, etc..., modules. But other than this, we can also use them to call a subset of GMT.jl modules. For example viz(..., coast=true, colorbar=true), or a full set of of coast options like imshow(..., coast=(land=:tomato, ocean=:blue, shore=0.5)).


Plot vertical shaded illuminated view of the Mexican hat

using GMT

G = gmt("grdmath -R-15/15/-15/15 -I0.3 X Y HYPOT DUP 2 MUL PI MUL 8 DIV COS EXCH NEG 10 DIV EXP MUL =");
imshow(G, shade="+a45")

Same as above but add automatic contours

imshow(G, shade="+a45", contour=true)

See Also

grdimage, grdview, plot, plot3